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full spectrum of non-clinical model systems of the liver cryopreservation plateablerodent hepatocytes liver subcellular fractions fluorescent transporter probes clearance prediction in special populations transporter-based pharmacokinetic boosting unbound concentration assessment in vitro model for identification of drug candidates showing risk for drug-induced cholestasis bile acid profiling in silico models for structure-based prediction of transporter inhibition Bioanalytical activities


Pharmacometrics is the science of applying mathematical/statistical methods to amenable questions in drug development and therapy. Although a relatively young science (the name appeared first in 1982), it dates back to Widmark, Teorell and Dost, many decades earlier. However, only with the availability of (relatively) user-friendly software for nonlinear mixed effects modeling and affordable and powerful hardware, the specialty gained widespread application and recognition, as well as a much broader scope after 1990. At the drug delivery and disposition unit, Pharmacometrics was established as independent specialtyin 2016 and focuses on the application of parametric (NONMEM) and nonparametric (Pmetrics) methods for parameter identification and simulation (Berkeley Madonna, Pmetrics). Applications range from the quantitative description of drug metabolism in cell culture systems to the optimization of dosing regimens in patients across multiple therapeutic areas. An ongoing area of research is the optimization of dose finding methods and making computer assisted dose finding available to physicians without pharmacometric training at the point of care. We also offer in-house consulting to clinicians studying the dosing regimen-exposure-response relationship of drugs.

Pharmaceutical Technology

The study of formulation strategies and manufacturing processes is the research topic of the Pharmaceutical Technology research group of Drug Delivery and Disposition. The aim is to correlate the physical structure of the drug delivery system to the drug release kinetics and stability profile, and to correlate formulation and processing parameters tot he resulting physical structure. The group is worldwide recognized for expertise in the field of amorphous materials and solid (molecular) dispersions of poorly soluble drugs.

Specifically, the researchers claim they were able to break the homegrown hash function “Curl” that IOTA was using as part of its digital signature scheme to secure user funds.Further, the researchers were able to demonstrate how an attacker could then forge a user’s digital signature and use it to steal funds.

Fortunately,IOTA has since fixed the bug in question. Furthermore, while the hash function was breakable, IOTA’s co-founder Dominik Schiener stated that forging users’ digital signaturesis extremely impractical due to the network topology and the way the wallet is structured.

Real-World Applications for IOTA

IOTA didn’t make it to the #11 spot on without having some real-world use cases. Here are a few companies that currently use IOTA:

SatoshiPay , a blockchain-based nanopayments company, announced a partnership with the IOTA Foundation to replace Bitcoin as the company’s settlement network.

REFUNITE partnered with IOTA to trace families thathave been separated during times of crisis:

IOTA and REFUNITE intend to explore access to critical information and the increasing opportunities that arise from a more connected world.

CarPass ,a company that guarantees correct mileage on your odometer by creating a “digital twin” of your car on the blockchain, partnered with IOTA to use MIOTA asits underlying cryptocurrency. CarPass initially used Ethereum for the transactions, but after realizing the potential in IOTA, they instantly switched over.

There are two main options for storing IOTA. The first is to nike air force 1 black/sail/gum light brown/black/cream
and install the node on your computer. Since you need to perform some work in order to send a transaction, you would need to run a node on your computer in order to send transactions on the IOTA network.

The other option is to use an exchange wallet, but do so at your own risk. Remember that if an exchange goes down or gets hacked, you will lose access to your MIOTA. The exchanges that currently support IOTA trading are Binance , Coinone, Bitfinex, and OKEX.


IOTA is definitely at the forefront of cryptocurrency. With its state-of-the-art Tangle technology enabling instant and free transactions, it’s the main candidate for the emerging IoT market. Having partnerships and use cases in the real world serves as a proof of concept for IOTA’s vision. As the amount of smart devices increases every year, the number of use cases for IOTA will only grow, so it is natural to assume the currency’s price will also rise.

“Indignation” opens and closes with a nurse administering pills to an aged Mrs. Anderson (nee Olivia Hutton). It is ripe throughout with hints of her fraught childhood. Repeatedly, Olivia is called a slut and her worth called into question by nearly every character, both male and female. She possesses an obvious determination to overcome her darkness but a second nervous breakdown, after accidentally meeting Marcus’s mother, proves nature stronger than nurture in this instant. All of that is to suggest that perhaps Olivia is the one who deserves to be indignant. This film, as with the 1950s, provided no space for that.

It rushes to a finish that feels incomplete after taking such pains to be slow to the point of excruciating. Marcus, in voice over, attempts to wrap up the whole affair with a love bow that betrays the complexity of the relationship. “Indignation” the film does manage to introduce audiences to characters that seem worth continuing to get to know. Luckily inquiring minds have “Indignation” the novel to turn to for that.

“Indignation” is now playing in San Diego at Landmark Theatres Hillcrest .

The last thing I expected to find in Poland was a hot Jewish scene. I had to rub my eyes to believe what I was seeing. Travelers of all religions, ages, cultural backgrounds, and nationalities flocked to Jewish-related sites eager to explore a world that was all but eliminated when Nazi Germany murdered 3,000,000 Jews,… air jordan 1 low retro

There is plenty of conversation around the term “Jewish millennials” and what they want out of their jobs, their lifestyles, their philanthropy, their spirituality. A big focus of “the establishment” (older generations that hold positions of power in Jewish organizations) is how will this next generation of Jewish people embrace and engage with their Judaism,… air jordan 1 pinnacle release date uk men

They’ve tried strongly-worded statements. They’ve tried private meetings with the prime minister. They’ve tried negotiations, protest and prayer. But for the past five years, despite broad internal consensus and consistent pressure, the American Jewish establishment has been unable to persuade Israel’s government to create an equitable space for non-Orthodox prayer at the Western Wall. The… Read More »

A bipartisan group of lawmakers is calling onPresident Donald Trump to appoint a White House liaison to the Jewish community. Reps. Jacky Rosen, D-Nev., Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., Stephanie Murphy, D-Fla., and Doug Lamborn, R-Colo., are asking members of Congress to sign a letter to the president. Rosen and Zeldin are Jewish. “While it is still… Read More »

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