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ATT Performing Arts Center

The Dallas Opera presents

March 9 – 17, 2018 Winspear Opera House

Have you ever had a dream so vivid that it must have been real? Who can say it isn’t? The line of reality finds itself endlessly blurred in Sunken Garden , the fourth work of acclaimed Dutch composer Michel van der Aa. A film maker’s obsession with the disappearance of a young girl leads to the discovery of a walled garden, which is the barrier between life and death. But does this place actually exist or is it all simply a stunning piece of imagination? Sunken Garden integrates video and 3D technology, immersing the audience into an inescapable world of crime and mystery. This marks the American premiere of Sunken Garden and will be a tru, one-of-a-kind production like you’ve never experienced before.

Music by Michel van der Aa • Libretto by David Mitchell

Michel van der Aa David Mitchell

Starring Roderick Williams Katherine Manley Miah Persson

Roderick Williams Katherine Manley Miah Persson

Conductor Nicole Paiement • Director Michel van der Aa • Set Designer and Lighting Designer Theun Mosk • Costume Designer Astrid Schulz

Nicole Paiement Theun Mosk Astrid Schulz

Rated PG


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Venue Winspear Opera House

Dates March 9 – 17, 2018

email updates

Box Office 214.880.0202


Membership Services 214.978.2888


Administrative Office 214.954.9925


Constructive journalism, as we know it from the World’s Best News, is a journalistic genre that has also made its entry at DR News. They have set up rules for how to incorporate constructive journalism into the range of programmes on a daily basis.

13. March 2014 | By Thea Gregersen

Region: Denmark


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When the World’s Best News was launched four years ago, the approach was very innovative, focusing on constructive news and progress made in foreign aid policy, instead of the classic focus on the problems of the third world. Ulrik Haagerup, Head of News at DR (the Danish Broadcasting Corporation), believes that traditional news journalism can learn from this:

‘Constructive journalism is a break with our self-understanding as journalists, and it changes the way news reporters have tended to view the world. All journalists will maintain that their focus on victims, exposures, and conflicts benefits society. But our most important job at DR as an organ of public service is to benefit the human community.’

This was the message presented by Head of News in DR, Ulrik Haagerup, at the World’s Best News’kick-off event for the 2014 campaign this Wednesday. Here the NGOs could hear one of Denmark’s leading Head of News report that there is a genuine need to supplement the five classic news criteria:

‘To deliver constructive journalism is a break with the criteria we normally use for what is news, and on the basis of which student journalists still learn to write’,explains Haagerup. He points to the fact that a traditional element of news journalism is to focus on deviation, on news stories that deviate from the norm:

‘But at a time when constantly reporting on all the problems in the world has become the norm, a constructive and forward-looking story is a story that can differentiate us from other media’, Haagerup points out.

The Head of News, who has previously headed Danish newspapers Jyllands-Posten and Nordjyske Medier, believes that the World’s Best News is on the right track – where the focus is on problem solving:

‘There was a time when news was about yesterday; nowadays news is about today; and future journalism will be about what happens tomorrow. But this does not mean we need to draw the watch dog’s teeth’,as he puts it.

Your website has recently been upgraded to a newer, mobile-friendly platform. All residents will need to register a new account by clicking here .

Port de Mer has a private beach and two swimming pools, one on the ocean and one on the Intracoastal. Our professionally managed property has four buildings, each with two elevators, a waterfront social room, underground parking, a key fob entry system, security cameras and a laundry room on every floor. There is a total of 209 two bedroom units.

Small pets are welcome at Port de Mer. We allow homeowners one cat or one dog weighing 20 pounds or less. Renters and visitors are not permitted to have pets on the property. Trucks, RVs and motorcycles are also not permitted. A summary of our rules and regulations is available on this site.

Port de Mer is a tranquil beach community where we enjoy sun and surf just a few miles from the conveniences of a thriving metropolitan area.

Hillsboro Beach Swearing In Ceremony Reorganization Meeting

March 20, 2018 at 9:30 AM. Please see below for more details.

We will have security at Port de Mer on weekends from now until the end of season. The security schedule is:

Friday: 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM Saturday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM Sunday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Friday: Saturday: Sunday:

The A-side pool remains closed, but the beach, pool deck and barbecue are all accessible now. Have a good weekend!

Happy New Year Port de Mer homeowners and residents!

We have a new face in the office. Our newest employee, Carolyn, will be helping Colleen with administrative functions on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We are still working on Hurricane Irma repairs, and we appreciate your patience during this process. Waterfront Services is more than half done repairing the retaining wall along the A-side pool. Next they will repair the pool, and then they will install new railings that meet new code. Waterfront has also been going up on scaffolding on A2 and finding and making structural repairs to the building. Several condo units have had mold remediation done and have passed mold re-testing. Several more are scheduled to be done.

The engineers have also found some more A-side columns that need to be repaired for our 40-year inspection.

Among our plans for the near future are getting new washers and dryers for all laundry rooms and contracting security.

The Hill Temple

HEX Wellington, New Zealand

HEX is the progeny of wives Kiki and GG Van Newtown, a musical love affair who draw on influences spanning classical to folk ... to punk to metal. Together with Jason Erskine they align quick, incisive lyrics and rock opera levels of riffage to reflect the chaos approaching post-capitalism with fury and laughter. ... more more

Contact HEX

Streaming and Download help

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