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Keeping pain from the brain

Pain impulses and potentially addictive pain relieving drugs could be kept out of the brain and safely restricted to areas like the skin or spinal cord. See Carolyn Fairbanks’ new approach to pain relief.

U of M pharmacists are mobilizing communities to fight the opioid epidemic in Northern Minnesota. Learn more about the U of M's work to end addiction.

University researchers are part of a large national study to combat adolescent drug abuse. Learn more about this work.

The U of M’s recently opened Athletes Village is setting a new standard of excellence for student-athletes. Learn more about Athletes Village.

“I find inspiration from the moments in my life when I am faced with challenges. Often times, when life knocks me down, I remember that although I may not be swimming, I am not sinking either, but instead I am floating. In this, I have learned how to preserve in moments of trial and tribulation. As a result, I have discovered a passion for networking with people and giving back for the greater good of different communities.”

Alexis M. Agricultural Communications and Marketing

“I find my inspiration in my fellow students. Being surrounded by so many passionate and driven people inspires me to push myself and encourages me when I begin to doubt myself. I love hearing about the changes that other people aim to make for this world. Their optimism and ambition inspires me to create the changes that I wish to see happen in this world.”

Jayme O. English Literature

“Life can throw so much at us, but it is how we handle these situations so we can grow from them. I hope to help as many individuals as I can to overcome adversity they may be facing in their own life. I want to show them they can get through anything just like I did.”

Duke P. Sports Management

“I find inspiration in people. I love hearing stories and accomplishments of my peers because it gives me motivation and fuel to keep working on my own goals. I’m passionate about building things that help others. That’s one of the main reasons I love studying cultural entrepreneurship. I have great mentors who encourage me and help me as I develop my business.”

Sebastian N. Cultural Entrepreneurship

“Develop deep creative and intellectual kinships. Engage in an ethic of strategic risk and discomfort to reorient your biases and attitudes. Appreciate deconstruction as an ethic of practice. Don't take language for granted. Read, create, connect, repeat.”

Adapt is a free and easy to use e-learning authoring tool that creates fully responsive, multi-device, HTML5 e-learning content using the award-winning Adapt developer framework.

Responsive e-learning design takes its inspiration from responsive web design; an approach that ensures a single version of a website or an e-learning course can provide a viewing experience optimised for different devices, from desktop to tablet to smartphone.

The Adapt authoring tool allows you to quickly build content usingthe Adapt Framework. You can create an account, log in, create courses, add interactive elements then preview and publish your content.

The Adapt Framework creates HTML5 e-learning courses. They may be delivered with a web server or a with SCORM compliant learning management system. The Adapt framework powers the Adapt authoring tool, an easy to use design tool for creating Adapt courses.

Ourcommunity is at the heart of thisopen source project.

We’re inspired by being completely open and everything is discussed in the open from the start. This is where these discussions take place. Everyone is welcome and free to ask anything related to the Adapt project or responsive e-learning design,suggest developments and share experiences.

This forum is the central place for all discussions in the Adapt Learning Community in English. Everyone is welcome to ask related questions, make suggestions and leave comments.

Visit Technical Forum

In this forum we are discussing best practice for creating responsive eLearning. This includes learning design, creating art directions with impact and sharing ideas, examples and tips and tricks. These discussions will inform the future roadmap of the Adapt project.

Visit Responsive Learning Forum

This forum is for people running Adapt projects to advertise Adapt related jobs projects on which they are seeking (paid-for) help and for community members to advertise their Adapt-related services.

Visit Projects and Jobs Board

“We’ve explored many eLearning development platforms and none of them addressed our needs and vision quite like Adapt. We wanted a tool that was collaborative and extensible, and addressed the needs of today’s modern learner. Adapt provides us the ability to deliver on our promise: learning for anyone, anywhere, anytime, and in anyway.”

If you are working with content that needs to be available in multiple languages, locales let you define localizations of content and select a specific locale when querying the Content Delivery API.

Every Space has its own set of locales, and each locale is uniquely identified by its ISO code (e.g., en-US or de-AT ). There's always one default locale defined when you create a space, shown by default in the Contentful web app and used for Content Delivery API queries that do not request a specific locale.

You can add a new locale to a space in the Contentful web app or by using the Content Management API.

To add a locale in the web app, open Settings -> Locales and click Add locale :

Choose a locale and its options:

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to add a locale to a space use the following POST request with the name and ISO code contained within the body:

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to find out more.

After adding a locale to a space, you can define which fields in your content types you want localized. You can do this with the web app or the Content Management API.

To enable localization of a field in the web app, check the corresponding option in the field settings:

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to update content types and localize fields.

The following PUT request enables localization for the fields productName and productDescription of the content type Product by setting their localized property to true :

Next, select which translations will be available for each entry:

After this step, entries will have different field values for each locale:

When you request content via the CDA there can be situations where there is no content for the requested locale. In these cases the API will, by default, return content for the default locale in the space (provided there's content for it). You can override this behaviour by setting a custom fallbackCode in your locale. If there's no content for a locale but it exists for the fallback locale, then the CDA will return its content.

School counselors help students thrive in their current education and future careers. They love to connect with students and make an impact on their lives. Over the years, the demand for school counselors has not only increased, but the demand for additional support has as well. School counselor requirements include having a bevy of resources to help students figure out their career path. One of the resources counselors use to determine possible career paths is career aptitude testing.

Most commonly taken in high school, career aptitude tests help assess a student’s strengths and skills that will translate into their ideal career path. School counselors use this in their career as a foundation to work with students. By using a career aptitude test, school counselors can help determine the right extracurricular activities and curriculum that is perfectly tailored for their students.

There are multiple career aptitude tests that school counselors can use to their benefit. There are skills career tests that evaluate a student’s readily available skills, and there are pymetric tests that use a series of simple (yet surprisingly challenging) mind games to measure different cognitive and social traits. Furthermore, there are personality tests to help determine what industries and roles you will find the most fulfilling. For school counselors, it is important to use more than one test to achieve a holistic perspective of a student’s career path.

Some common career aptitude tests include:

Career aptitude tests measure one’s reaction to situations and accomplished tasks in his or her daily life. A career assessment quiz includes questions about the individual's hobbies, talents, interests and overall personality. Most importantly, they also help highlight someone’s strengths and weaknesses. After taking a career assessment quiz, the student should come away learning more about themselves, and the school counselor should ultimately be able to connect the dots and help design a post-high school roadmap.

Aptitude assessments provide school counselors with the information needed to help students make future educational and career path decisions. It presents an opportunity to help students think about options that were not previously considered and gives them a true sense of what they are currently capable of doing. For school counselors, this is another resource or tool that they can use to build customized plans for students. Using these assessments, in addition to examining grade point averages, standardized test scores, and extracurricular activities, can help identify a student’s true potential.

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